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I bought a home waxing kit from a Spa. It was supposed to be very gentle and easy. After heating it up on the stove for what seemed like an hour, I put the green stuff on the right side of my bikini area. I have to admit it was late in the evening and my kids were asleep. I wanted to make sure there would be no interruptions and I could take my time. My husband was out of town and I thought it would be a nice surprise when he came home. Well, when I put the cloth strip on there to pull it off�WHOA! It hurt soooo bad I hollered oh sh__t!!!! and grabbed the soothing toner to put on there. I woke my kids up and here they come running into the living room, screaming �are you OK mommy?� There I am, standing there splashing toner on my bikini line and wrapping my robe around me. The look on their faces was hilarious!! I just started laughing and told them I was OK and put them back to bed. Needless to say, I couldn't get the courage to do the other side, so I just went back to my trusted razor! The wax went in the garbage! I haven't tried wax since then that was over a year ago.



My husband and I had planned a great beach vacation and had even arranged for my parents to come with us to baby sit. The day before we left I decided to take care of my grooming needs with a depilatory. All seemed to go well. The next morning while getting ready to hit the beach I noticed a few areas that I had apparently missed. So I decided to take care of them real quick with more depilatory cream. Later that afternoon I started to get uncomfortable but I just dealt with it. That night we had dinner reservations at a great restaurant and I thought I was going to die in the car on the way over there. When we got out of the car at the restaurant I was in so much pain that I took my panties off in the parking lot, borrowed my dad's hanky, poured some bottled water on it and applied to my nether regions right there in the parking lot. My mom and husband were laughing their you-know-what's off and I thought my dad was going to die of embarrassment. I really need your kit.

 Vicki South

I like to keep the hair down there neatly manicured for my husband's pleasure (I certainly wish he would return the favor). I usually trim every couple of weeks with a narrow comb and pair of small surgical scissors (thanks to my RN mother) in addition to a razor. One day, I don't know if was carelessness or fatigue, but I nicked myself with the scissors. Not only was I horrified to discover I had drawn blood, but when I looked at the blade of the pair of scissors, there was a piece of my labia with a few pubic hairs sticking out of it. Can we say "OUCH!" I think I still have a scar there and to this day, I am extra careful with my scissors. Thanks for offering safe products like these for klutzes like me!

 Jocelyn New Orleans

As strange as it may sound, I didn't even consider shaving down there until I was 17 and in my swimsuit, covering the "hair down there" with a towel. I tried everything: trimming w/ scissors (didn't get the desired results); shaving (itchy, bumps); and Nair (yow!!). Then I discovered swimsuits with boy shorts and thought I was home free. That's when I met a guy who loves for his girl to be "bare". So I started shaving again and he soon critiqued the job. He was not pleased with the results, and decided that HE could do better. He was right, so it became our weekly ritual, and he shaved me on his dorm floor for the next year. One day I was tired from work and classes and conked out during my shave. When I woke up he was still at it with a gleam in his eye, apparently quite pleased with himself. But I had a weird feeling like something was missing. Something was missing! It was the hair between my cheeks. I was soooo angry with him and I felt so violated. (I was such a drama queen back then) It felt so weird to be "super-smooth". That was the end of our ritual, and my discovery of professional waxing. Once you're nude with a strange woman who's going to cause you pain, you're likely to tell her exactly how you want it; then you'll get it and you're guaranteed not to fall asleep. It's worth it!

I have been shaving "down there" since I was 15, so I am pretty experienced, and generally I am always silky smooth. Well, recently my boyfriend asked me to shave it all off, and when I did I was silky smooth as usual. After seeing that I could shave everything off without problems my boyfriend decided he was going to try to do the same. His shave, unfortunately, was not anything like mine. Actually he looked awful with nicks and razor burn everywhere. It was all I could do not to openly laugh at him at his attempt. He was so confused at why I could shave without any problems and he looked like he got attacked by a swarm of bees. I had to sit him down and explain what he did wrong and how to avoid what happened. Needless to say, after an entire tube of cortisone and a few weeks of healing, he never tried that again.

J. Helmers, Missouri

As with every woman, I finally got to the age where something needed to be done about the hair down there. I decided to ask a close friend how to get rid of the hair in the bikini area and she told me to just shave it--- so I did. Needless to say, she never informed me that I would break out in a red, bumpy, irritating rash, so I had to learn there were products out there created for the bikini area. I went to the drug store and picked out some bikini waxing kit. Well, I took it home, read the directions and went to my bathroom to try it out. I didn't think anyone was home so I left the door to the bathroom cracked. Little did I know my brother was in his room taking a nap! So as I'm standing in the bathroom naked from the waist down and in a very embarrassing position, my brother awoke from his nap and pushes open the bathroom door to find me in this very embarrassing position. I was so startled and embarrassed I started screaming, and from then on I just forgot all about waxing anything and just kept shaving the traditional way in the shower in the bathroom with the door locked.
J Tucker, California

Shortly after I got married my shy little husband admitted he really liked the "hair down there" to be minimal, so I started shaving it, just to see if I liked it. He admitted he thought it was still too spiky, so I decided to buy one of those depilatory (torture) devices with the little automatic tweezing discs. The first time I tried it I was bleeding like a stuck pig because the hair down there had never been plucked. With that as a loss, I decided to try to do a home waxing kit (I was way too terrified to get a professional waxing done). Bad idea! I got the wax warmed up and my shins done, since I figured I'd test it out on my legs first. Rushing to get everything waxed before my husband came home from work, I just grit my teeth and slathered the wax on the bikini area. Right as I was about to yank the cloth, I heard my husband come home! So I ripped and hollered so loud that he came running in to see what had happened. He thought I was being murdered, because of all the noise I was making! As he stepped into the bathroom, he saw me perched precariously on the edge of the tub with a beautiful purple bruise the size of a dollar bill on the left half of my bikini area. When he realized I wasn't dying, and he saw the waxing kit on the counter, he just about fell over laughing. Afterwards, he felt so guilty about laughing at me that he let me wax his whole chest with the left over wax.

 Rhonda - Utah

I recently saw your ad in Lucky magazine. I have heard so many stories, mostly on Howard Stern, about women who shave "down there", so I thought your kit would be a perfect way to try it. Plus, I have a BIG problem with ingrown hairs on the bikini line, & thought the Soothe spray may help with that. Not to mention, I'm always looking for a special surprise to try on my VERY experienced man for a change. Anyway, I was SO excited about your kit, that I e-mailed all of my friends to let them know about it, just in case they were looking for a similar product. Unfortunately, when I gave them the web address I left out the word "Care", which led them to a VERY pornographic site! OOPS! They all thought I had lost it.....and only one of my friends (thanks, Denise) had the guts to say anything!


I have been shaving and waxing since I was about 15. A couple years ago I went to a strip club with my boyfriend and all the girls there were completely shaved, but were smooth and silky looking. I wanted to accomplish that look, but have not been successful so far since I always get the horrid red bumps. My last attempt was getting waxed from this very upscale salon that I had heard wonders about. I made the mistake of doing this a week before my period and I was so tender that the whole procedure was extremely painful, but it did look great. Smooth and silky for about 5 hours. Then the red bumps were back! Perhaps the Ultimate Shaving Kit will help.. especially the Guide. I am always looking for tips... so if there are any exotic dancers reading this... PLEASE... tell me your secret!!!

Shana - California

Editor's note: You'll be happy to know, Shana, that we consulted with several dancers in Los Angeles who filled us in on their secrets. You'll get their tips and more in the HCDT Ultimate Shaving Guide, as well as directions on how to achieve different styles. Enjoy!

When I was sixteen I started to shave for the first time, using soap and a razor. It seemed all right and turned out pretty smooth. But the next day I woke up to a burning pain. I looked and it was red, with bumps and little ingrown hairs all over! My thighs and whole bikini area were covered all the way up to my stomach! I waited a few days, but it was still there. That weekend I saw my boyfriend and he went crazy on me! He thought I'd caught a disease somewhere and made it a point to bring me in to get tested. He made me go with him to the doctors, and there he ran into about five of his friends. He actually went and told them why we were there and "somehow" it got around the whole school i was infected with herpes. Thank God the doctor proceeded to tell my boyfriend, it's from shaving. Here I am, 18, and I haven't shaved since. That's why I need your product. PLEASE HELP ME!

 Cassi - Minnesota

Although I've been grooming down there since I had hair to groom, this was quite possibly the worst experience ever...luckily, I can laugh at it now! My husband is in the military and had been away for about four months. Whenever he's been away I always plan a special reunion night, complete with champagne and new lingerie. This time I thought I'd surprise him and go completely bare down there, since we had talked about it but never tried it. (Bear in mind this was after four months of really lazy grooming). I took on operation de-fuzz the morning before his arrival. Everything went smoothly to begin with using my regular method of a warm bath, shave gel, and a couple of fresh razors. As the day went on it was a little itchy but bearable. When I got ready to pick him up the itchiness had gotten worse, but I had to get going. I brought my husband home from the airport, and shortly upon arrival home he discovered my surprise. Much to my horror, he started to laugh. "What?" I ask. "You're all bumpy" he said. After a little reassurance that it was a lovely surprise we continued the evening as planned. Later that night the itching had turned to burning and was unbearable (friction?). He had to make a late night run to a 24hr drug store for some cortisone cream and we were unable to be intimate for the next week! Needless to say that wasn't his favorite homecoming memory...and I haven't been quite as brazen or creative with my grooming since! Maybe getting the ultimate shaving system will give me a chance to finally make up for that disaster!

Christy, Texas

When I was 16, I decided to shave down there for the first time to see what it was like. I did it, and of course I got in-grown hairs all over the place. One morning when I was going to the bathroom I felt a bit of pain. I took a mirror and looked at where the pain was coming from. All I could see was a huge infected looking bump. I was convinced that I had somehow transferred the herpes virus from the cold sore on my mouth at the time to my you know what. I asked my mom if I could go to the doctor and of course I was only 16 so she demanded to know why. When I told her, she insisted that I show her so she knew whether or not to make a big deal out of it. I had never been in a more embarrassing situation than having to show my mom my new shave job gone bad...until she took me to the doctor (I hadn't even had my first gyno exam) and they both stood there over me poking around. The doctor proceeded to tell me that I should "just leave what god gave me alone" and told me it was just a boil. Thanks to you, hopefully when I have a daughter, she won't have to go through the same thing.


A couple of years ago, on her 14th birthday (Thanksgiving) my beautiful red-headed daughter apparently decided to be more "grown up" and remove all the red curls in her pubic area. Guests arrived to join the festivities and soon it was time to eat together and celebrate. She would not come out of her room, but I could hear her sobbing behind a locked door. Eventually I was allowed into her room and she turned around to show me what she had done! The first words out of my mouth were "you look like a plucked turkey" and I made the mistake of laughing - she was still sobbing.
I informed the guests that Turkey Day now had a double meaning and that there would be a slight delay before dinner - no further explanation. My daughter had used a razor instead of using scissors to start. She was red, blotched and nicked, and how she had managed to wield the razor in every crack and crevice I will never know. We managed to kill the pain with Aloe Vera After Sun gel. Then I asked her to get dressed for dinner.
This was another major event since every kind of panty she tried to wear crippled her. This would be her first Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner wearing no underwear, a long skirt and a pained expression on her face. She waddled out looking like a cowboy who had lost his horse on his turkey ranch. We really need one of your kits to prevent further mishaps, please!

Sue, CA

I have made attempts of "grooming" in the past and ended up with just a basic bikini style shave. The first time I wanted to be creative with a design, I did a horrible job and decided to go completely BARE. It looked funny to me, in a sense, because it has been awhile since I have been "pre-pubescent". The best part was my man discovering my surprise later on and he was completely shocked!! Oh, the look on his face was a classic Kodak moment!!! But it turned out to be a wonderful experience after all - being "hair-free" and loving it!!!

Desiree, WA

My worst encounter with shaving down there is the day I decided to try Nair. What did I do that for? Before I applied the Nair, I shaved first. After shaving and doing a great job at it, I decided to apply the Nair. Was I in for a rude awakening. It burned like hell. I mean the pain was excruciating. And believe me, I've never used it since. I was walking around on my tippy-toes and crying. Believe it!

Teneshia, IL

I saw the kit in a magazine and tried to come up with my own version. I went to the store and got tiny jewels to stick down there after shaving.... I shaved the wrong way and got a rash, then the bleeding began from all the cuts. I finally stopped the bleeding and put on the tiny jewels. After awhile it became noticeably uncomfortable. I went in the bathroom and I was shocked. There were jewels and blood all over my panties. It took a lot of band aids to patch the mess I had made of myself, not to mention my romantic night out had to be put on hold until the cuts went away....

Michelle, MI

One day while at the beauty salon I mentioned that I was interested in getting a bikini wax. My regular hair dresser said she was now the permanent waxer. She said she needed some more practice but she promised she was fast. I decided to try it and before I went into the room she handed me a glass of wine and she told me I might need it. I take pain pretty good so I didnt drink it but about 10 minutes into the wax it wasnt close to done. I was almost in tears and I was bleeding. I wished I had downed the whole bottle of wine. Needless to say, I have not been back to her for my waxes.

Missy, SC


I had one of the most embarrassing experiences about three months ago when I went into a local salon to have a bikini wax which I regret! The woman asked what I wanted and I told her the landing strip. She proceeded and told me that a new hair remover was out and asked if I would like to try it. I agreed and she distributed the cream where I wanted the hair removed. Twenty minutes later she came back to wipe the cream off but I knew something was wrong when the cream started to sting. She said it was normal and began to wipe the cream off. Suddenly, she screamed with a kind of laughing horror in her voice. I looked down and the cream had dyed my "hair down there" BRIGHT ORANGE! She said it must have been because the expiration date was two months before! I was horrified and so embarrassed because when the woman screamed, her co-workers came back and saw me. I dont think that I will ever have a bikini wax at a salon again!

Pam, VA

Whenever I go to shave down there, I usually get red bumps so I'm so afraid to wear a bathing suit. But one day I shaved and the red bumps actually didn't show my friends and I decided to go to the beach, where we met these really cute guys. All of a sudden they were staring at me and laughing. My friends told me youve got red bumps coming out all over. It was so embarrassing! Thats why I really need your product so I can actually go to the beach without getting laughed at.


It was back in 99. All my friends told me that I just had to get rid of my hair down there, so I tried. The first day went pretty ok but when I went back over it all heck broke loose. I started bleeding all over the place. Why? Because I shaved over in-growns and they went nuts. So I called a friend and she told me to run into the kitchen and grab a piece of bread because the yeast would soak up the blood faster. So I did and needless to say it didn't work. I threw it into the garbage can in my bathroom. A few hours later my ex boyfriend came over. He used the bathroom and came out with the can asking why there was a bloody piece of bread in there. It has become known as the bloody bread story!!!

Jody, NY

For the past year my friends and I have been getting Brazilian waxing. We recommend it all the time to all of our other friends too. One of my friends decided that she was going to try it. So, the lady is waxing her between her legs and they are having some funny conversation. All of a sudden my girlfriend laughed so hard she farted big-time. How embarrassing is that? I have not heard if she is going to be able to go back.

Mary, CA

I was at home one afternoon waxing "down there" and the phone rang in the kitchen. I ran bow-legged into the kitchen to grab it, and while I was on the phone, my Mom and her friend came in from shopping. There I was, standing in the kitchen naked and talking on the phone, with all that goopy green wax all over my area below. I tried to dart behind the bar, but it was too late. My Mom still laughs at me for it. How embarrassing!


When I had just started on my quest to shave down there I decided that it would be easiest if I took the bulk of the hair down there off with an electric razor, so I did this leaning over the bathroom trash can. It turned out great until the next day my little sister showed me her project. It was a picture of our family, but to my dismay I realized that my picture had come with real hair (yup you guessed it). She happened to spy my hair in the bathroom trash can and decided to make my picture complete with real hair. I dont think I will ever tell her for fear she will have to get therapy.


My husband likes it nice and smooth down there, but I can't always get it as smooth as we'd like with just a razor. At home waxing kits are too painful, so sometimes I'll use a Depilatory Lotion. Well, my husband thought he'd like to clean himself up too. So, the two of us are in the bathroom spreading the Nair on. I know you have to be really careful, because if you get it on some of the more sensitive skin, it really stings and burns. I was doing my own bikini area and he was doing his own. After about two minutes or so, he started complaining that it was burning a little. I told him to hold onit needed a little more time to work. After another 15 seconds, he was in a full blown panic. He said he thought it was eating the skin around his scrotum. I rushed to help him get all of the lotion off and in doing that, some of my lotion rubbed into my more sensitive areas. I started burning and had to wash the cream off too. There we were, both of us near tears from the pain (well, and from me laughing which my husband didn't appreciate very much!). The night didn't end the way we expected. We thought we'd have a nice sexy, smooth night. Instead, we nursed our wounds and headed to bed--to sleep! So, as you can see, we are in desperate need of your Ultimate Shaving Kit. Hopefully the pain and embarrassment we went through will have been worth it.

Jennifer, VA

My older brother saw me using a depilatory cream on my legs one day and asked me if it really worked. I told him yes and wondered why he wanted to know. He didn't say but I found out later that night!! He likes to be clean umm "down there" for his girlfriend and decided to try to use my cream instead of shaving. Well needless to say the results were NOT GOOD! His girlfriend had to call ask-a-nurse! He had a BAD burn on his "jewels" and had to miss work the next day to soak them! I think he learned his lesson not to use my stuff!!! I've never used it since!!

Andrea, MO

For the 20 years that I have been on this good earth, I have had several mishaps with grooming the hair in my nether region. The worst of them is for you to choose:

One summer my best friend and I decided to do a little at home hair care, but down there. We bought over fifty dollars in products all the way from shaving gel to "easy to use" honeybee wax. I put on my string bikini bottoms and prepared to begin with a bikini wax. I put the cold wax on, then the strip as the directions said, and then pulled (in the opposite direction) about 2 layers of skin off. Right before my trip to the beach, I was left with large purple bruises almost like awkward hickies along with a lowered self esteem. Since I had no luck with waxing, I returned to my shaving ritual. Nearly every other day I'd contort my arms and legs to find the perfect way to shape my hair. And each time I would mess up, I'd shave closer in or lower down. After about 6 tries, I had nothing left to shave. And some of those ugly, irritated, red bumps left scars. I have NO LUCK.

I thought using depilatory cream would do the trick. I was once again mistaken. It smelled horrible and did nothing but leave my skin blotchy. Well... with every little nick and every red bump, you live and you learn. With all the money I have wasted in the past six years on messing up, I could have flown myself all around the world to the most exquisite salons and spas and have star treatment. But come on, let's face it. I'm in college. I need something quick and easy! Thanks for letting me share my stories.

Erin, MD

A couple of years ago I decided to start shaving down there. Everything was great at first. It looked fine and felt really smooth. Then it happened. One night my husband was in that area and started screamingHave you been with another guy? Whats going on down here? Turns out my new shaving gel made my skin break out in red dots all over everywhereeven on my thighs. I finally convinced my husband what had happened. Thats why I need your products.please.

No Name Given

I have been shaving ever since I can remember, but one time I decided to try the home waxing kits you pop in the microwave. My friend decided to try it too since we were headed for the beach the next week. We both headed home and I read all the instructions carefully and leaned a mirror up against the wall. I spread on the wax and it was so hot in one area I start screaming. Another area was cold and hard. I quickly pressed and smoothed the strip like youre supposed to and pulled really fast. It hurt so bad I started screaming again..and was shocked to see it only took out about two hairs. By the time I finished I was red and sore and mad, but it wasnt over yet. The next day at school I had to walk really slowly and carefully so I didnt hurt myself more. Then I spotted my friend doing the same thing. We didnt even have to ask what was going on because we knew. Now Im back to a shaver for my care down there.

Melissa, MD

One week into being newly married, my hubby and I decided it would be fun to remove all our hair from down there. We each took a turn in the shower. My husband went first because hes done this before. After his shower, he showed me and I must sayooh yes!He left me on my own with everything he said Id need in the shower. Lets just say I didnt know the scissors were to be used first and after I finished, almost two hours later, I still didnt have a clean sweep. So needless to say, my hubby laughed and I never allowed him to see me down there until it grew back. And I wish Id known how much it would itch when it did! I found out later you can use Vagisil to stop the itching. To this day I will never do bare again.

Amana, KY

I am licensed esthetician so I wax womens bikini areas all the time. I do Brazilian, Landing Strip, whatever customers need. I am a pretty private person so I just figured I would do it for myself. I had my own waxer at home so I turned it on and gave it a go. I immediately realized what a bad idea it was. I had no problem when it came to ripping other womens hair out, but couldnt do my own. I had wax in places I couldnt see and nothing I had at home would remove it. I found the oldest underwear I had and drove to the beauty supply store to buy wax removerall the while having a huge amount of wax in my pants. Needless to say, never again.

Harlow, VA

When I lived in France and would go to get waxed, you had the choice of the Brazilian, the American and the Integral. I wasnt sure what any of those were but I figured Brazilian was the most risqu (turns out I was right). The American turned out to be a landing strip. I never found out what the Integral was. The lady there was appalled that Americans shave. Dont you cut yourself? she asked me. I cant speak for all Americans, but in 15 years of bikini shaving, Ive never accidentally cut off a leg or anything.

Helene, CA

On a friends recommendation, I recently paid a visit to a well-known local waxer. Being a tidy Virgo and a bikini wax veteran, I requested for a nice landing strip. Suddenly and without warning, I felt a warn sensation in areas that had never before been approached in this manner. I realized with a gasp that I was getting the infamous Brazilian wax! I was okay with that, until I heard the words, Turn over and hold your cheeks apart. Was she kidding? Did I hear that correctly? Alas, she wasnt, and I had. Yes, she waxed my ass! As I laid there on the table I was torn between feeling violated and thinking that this might be the most action Id seen in three years.

Kristin, PA

I once heard my mother-in-law refer to down there as her ugly spot. I thought that was hilarious!

Maryellen, NC

Shaving your bikini area while you are pregnant is one of lifes cruelest jokes. You have never tried a more difficult beauty treatment in your life. Keep in mind that your center of gravity has changed and your ligaments are all messed up. I almost fell several times in the shower. Also, a hand mirror would have been useful because I had lopsided hair more than a few times when I went in to deliver and they handed me a mirror, I realized it was more of a parallelogram shape! Pretty embarrassing.

Diana, FL

One week I had an appointment with my OB, but they called me a few days early to see if I could reschedule for the first thing that morning. I didnt have time to take a shower like I normally would have, so I rushed upstairs, threw off my clothes, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink and gave myself a quick sponge bath. During my exam, I was a little surprised when the doctor said, My, weve made an extra effort this morning, havent we? I had no idea what he was talking about until later that day when my six year old daughter came home from school. She called out from the bathroom, looking for her washcloth. I told her to get one from the linen closet. No, I need the one that was here by the sink, she told me. It had all my glitter and sparkles in it.

Julia, NJ

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